And thusly, 2022 winds down? November 6, 2022 – Posted in: recent

I’m very much blessed the art is moving out there but even more so that coming in 2023, I’ll have gallery representation.  Representation for an artist and/or writer frees us up to continue our work.  I end this year starting a new novel for HarperVia, Isabel 2121.

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Putin’s Puppet: A Poem February 26, 2021 – Posted in: Blog

“’Xicanisma Prophecies Post 2012 Putin’s Puppet’ tells another story. It’s hard-hitting political power. Want to read a poem that explains the political nightmare we are a part of, read this poem and memorize it and recite it at parties.”  

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Se nos fue al cielo Armando Manzanero December 29, 2020 – Posted in: Blog

He was a lyrical poet of Mayan dissent who was passionate about the bolero genre.  His songs are romantic vignettes.  They come from a time where men/women had the public custom-kept their dignity even when hearts were broken…

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