Novels in Audio 2023!

Strange times are these, if by strange one would mean weather-wise and climate

change.  If by strange I refer to political climate and by strange I mean an oncoming wave of 21st corporate fascism on the horizon, peppered with white supremacy and the salt on the wound, if I may, is the number of POC on board with the idea.  Strange is the zest for eons for old patriarchal religions and the not unrelated removal of hard gained women’s rights to their bodies.  Here too, the plot has a twist with many women embracing the fairy tale of being rescued by a prince & swept off to live in his castle.

This year I am happy to announce to all and anyone interested that one by one all of my novels are going into audio books.

We start with the very first two featured here.  I started writing on my own a half century ago, both books sent off one, then the other to one of two university supported “hispanic” publishers that would publish a U.S. Latina in those days when a U.S. citizen with a Spanish surname and above all, involved in certain related causes was rarely going to published by the mainstream (but it did happen, rarely, I can think of 2 men) . My two were published, although without doing any editing.  Sapogonia  appears in two editions.  While the later Doubleday edition received some basic editing, it wasn’t what I hoped for since long before the first edition was published–a careful eye and some feedback.  Still,  it may be interesting to a reader or listener curious about the mid-80s which were also extremely strange times.

The first effort, The Mixquiahuala Letters set out to record the female or woman POV of the Chicano Movement Days.  It took a lot of thinking and there are earlier versions that weren’t the epistalary form that was published and exists today.  One day, this book will be a film, featuring two women who may not even know right now that they’re going to be actors and support cast:  muchos anónimos.




Ana Castillo c1990 (Photo:Margaret Randall)






Ana Castillo, May, 2021