Thank you, HyperText Mag in Chicago for the nomination!


















Nice bit of news this week to have a poem, ‘My First Cancer Poem’ nominated for recognition.  (A revised version is included in the new collection MY BOOK OF THE DEAD.  More news about that very soon!)




(Me in East Harlem in 2016 at a wonderful homage to my work from Latino/a NY poets)- 20 pounds heavier than today with longer hair but–as still happily today–without cancer. Photographer unknown.)

Poetry has always thrived throughout the ages through hard times.  It has rung the call for a revolution, lifted the spirits of the down trodden, spread news, entertained and celebrated love.  My beginnings were modest with chapbooks and small press editions.  It is in literary journals and kitchen table efforts that we keep new poetry alive.  I thank Hypertext for the nominations of two of the poems that they included in their 10th anniversary issue last year.