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Summer 2022, a few things happen July 7, 2022 – Posted in: recent

The storm comes and goes, returns.  Next time, harder. We don’t even bother

with shelters.  We give it new names, each time, further fire and rain.

We mourn.  

We start again. It could have been you or me, we say, dying

in public beneath a baton’s blows falling amidst a spray of a sniper’s bullets,

but it wasn’t.  We go on.

Disaster has happened to someone else.
–(excerpt) A STORM UPON US

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MY BOOK OF THE DEAD: MEDIA #5 September 25, 2021 – Posted in: recent

“If you’re looking for inspiring and relevant poetry, look no further than My Book Of The Dead ($25) by Ana Castillo. In her latest anthology, the Chicana author touches on everything from Latinx families in camps to the pandemic and the environmental emergency.” –BeLatina

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Spain residence, Spring, 2020 December 1, 2019 – Posted in: Blog, recent

  I will be in Spain this year accepting a residency.It will be brief and near Madrid.  If you teach my work or on a related theme (Feminist Studies, gender, Latin/Latino lit, Chicana, Xicanx, etc.) in Spain and would like to contact me when I am in the country, email please at Será breve y cerca de Madrid.  Si a caso eres profesor y trabajas con los temas de mis libros y quieres comunicarte…

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