Next–Working with Fear #2

You will obviously not write away your #1 fear but the objective here is to start to confront it–by naming it, reflecting upon–thinking of how it has served you, as well as been a disservice. It’s a lot to take in–don’t expect to get it all written out now.  Our fears prevent us from living our full serves but in some ways they are there to protect us, too.

If you fear getting burned by a hot stove you don’t touch it, for example. But at some point, you may want to learn to get close enough to cook, or to pick up a pot,  to eat and nurture yourself–etc.  The analogy here is to learn to work with the fear. It gets reduced to be in proportion to something realistic in your life.

Let’s go to Fear #2:

We’ll take this one on as if we were writing fiction, a short story…the story of you. Look at Fear #2 and let’s personify it, make it into a character in your story. Take a minute to think of who/what the fear looks like as a person.  Give it a name.  Consider the five senses:  What does s/he look like, smell, sound like?   (Whose voice?)  If you put your hand out what does s/he feel like or if s/he embraces you what does that feel like?

Invite them to sit across from you to have a chat.  You are going to interview Feara#2 who now has a name.  Ask them about your first encounter.  What do they know about you?  Now ask Fear #2 following questions:

  1. What does Fear#2 care about most?
  2. What does Fear a#2 hope to accomplish by being in your life?
  3. Does your fear trust you?  Why or why not?
  4. What is your fear most afraid of?

You are conducting this interview with Fear #2 (but you may obviously do this with any of your fears) as if it were a person.  Be honest.  Write as much as you want.  When you are done, stop and read over.  Any surprises?  Anything you want to expand on?  Make notes.  When you are done for now, tell Fear #2 to get sit next to Fear #1 for now.

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