And thusly, 2022 winds down? November 6, 2022 – Posted in: recent

I’m very much blessed the art is moving out there but even more so that coming in 2023, I’ll have gallery representation.  Representation for an artist and/or writer frees us up to continue our work.  I end this year starting a new novel for HarperVia, Isabel 2121.

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Summer 2022, a few things happen July 7, 2022 – Posted in: recent

The storm comes and goes, returns.  Next time, harder. We don’t even bother

with shelters.  We give it new names, each time, further fire and rain.

We mourn.  

We start again. It could have been you or me, we say, dying

in public beneath a baton’s blows falling amidst a spray of a sniper’s bullets,

but it wasn’t.  We go on.

Disaster has happened to someone else.
–(excerpt) A STORM UPON US

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