Such a week…& Autumn Equinox


A week of positivity & moving forward.  It has included proofing the copy edited new stories coming out next May/June!

Also finished a new piece, Sharpie & watercolor on watercolor paper.











Had the greatest blessing to sign a new option agreement for SO FAR FROM GOD







This week my ‘baby’ celebrated a birthday:








Working on a large piece on paper…slowly.

This piece is off the market. Felicidades to its new guardian–Muy agradecida.

Thank you all for your queries.

“Walking my Broken Heart: small Sharpie on paper

And culminated with a lovely invite to read on All Saints Day here:

#Chicago, like so much of this country, tragically has a veneer of being troubled, but is a stunning world-class city. My heart and hopes will be there on Dia de Muertos with gran poetas. More to come.

Next week doesn’t appear to be eventful but all of our days in these times are significant.  I have two medical appointments.  Blessed to be in excellent health, they are annual exams.  Here is where I pitch to all good ppl–get your mammo.  Here is where I get to say to all women with active reproductive bodies, vote.