What I am working on now

Aside from staying healthy and in a good mental state in “These Times?”  I am nearly done with a new collection of poems, MY BOOK OF THE DEAD.  A few have appeared in. small publications.  There are about a half dozen at this time in Spanish which will be included with translation.

There is also prose ruminating in my cabezahead.   There was much to think about in the address I was asked to give at the 6th Latina50Plus awards luncheon last Saturday, held at Fordham University.  That is about all I’ll say for the moment.  Rest assured, more to come.





For review, I’m reading a couple of slim volumes these days by a Latin American woman who wrote at the start of the 20th century.  There’s more to come on that, too.

These are times that for many have been extremely difficult to take.  It is my opinion, as it was in my book MASSACRE OF THE DREAMERS:Essays on Xicanisma (UNMP; 1994, new ed., 2014) that we must take care of ourselves first and foremost during such times.



In this manner, for those with consciousness, or as it said today, who are ‘woke,’ they may have the energy to act, contribute, help.  For nearly half a century it has been my decision to help most byway of my intellectual contributions, through writing, scholarship and teaching.  I am happy today to be able to continue.

While I hope anyone who comes to this website will find my books of use and pleasure to read, and as I share some of what I think and I am up to, I am also aware that social media is a double edged sword.  I will not engage in comments.  I will not post on my private life.

To readers, friends and anyone interested in contacting me there is an. email address here.  There is also a POB for snail mail.