The “Invisible Enemy”

So the nightmares have begun–not only the nightmare of a pandemic but real nightmares.

Our imaginations go where they go–worms coming out of the tap water, being possessed by a demon, searching for people we love and can’t find them…  There’s no surprise that the anxiety levels are up.

We read bed time stories to children to put their minds at ease at bedtime.  I suggest we do the same for ourselves.  If you go on line–who knows what you’ll find.  Stick to books. Poetry, art, math, science, personal essays, fantasy, memoir…

It’s not to say there are some people who actually get a kick out of horror stories.  I have a few good memories of my father telling the family around the table about his ghost experiences in Mexico.

I like going back to favorite reads.

But I have many yet to be delved into–two just ordered arrived.

Throughout my writing life I’ve tackled various genres.

Wishing everyone safe and well days ahead.