Stay Home

The United States is the wealthiest country in the world.
Yet there are health care workers dying because of not having basic protection against the potentially lethal virus they work against.

Why is that?

As with all Obama funded programs, scientifically based as well as humanity related the Trump Administration got rid of the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Reauthorization Act. Ridding the government of Obama’s legacy because he is a black man was one reason. The other is unmitigated greed.

So there was that.

Then, the predicted pandemic came in of all ‘inconvenient’ times (for a malignant narcissist) during an election year. So the knee-jerk response of the vacuous administration was initially to deny and then, minimize the pandemic.

There is no ‘catch up.’

Our magnanimous Gen. MacTrump, who got a deferment for ‘bone spurs,’ positions himself to be waging the war of wars against the ‘invisible enemy’ and urges the country (his infantry) to prepare to go out in less than two weeks and jump start the economy. He decides on Easter because, he says it is a ‘special’ time for the Trump family. Instead, he might tell us it is to please his White evangelical base. It might also be worth remembering his disgusting round-up policies against immigrants on Easters passed.

While the serfs in the villages and fields clasp our hands over the expectant promise by the benevolent government’s allotment of $1,200 American dollar relief–per tax-paying individual, let’s note the new stimulus bill contains corporate funds that the Trump Crime Family and their ilk will benefit from.

Meanwhile, if you want to stay COVID19-free–stay home. (Consider it a privilege There are homeless, immigrant detainees, the imprisoned, those in service and all those workers who continue to sustain the economy because they are underpaid who can’t afford to stay at home, even at the risk of their health.)

If this isn’t a wake-up call to voters and activists, we deserve where we will end. The good news is that the end would be sooner than we think.