Reading BOOKS frees the imagination

If you are at home practicing social distancing, social responsibility or because you have to–

remember that BOOKS are our friends.  They don’t carry viruses.  They free our imaginations. Whether you prefer fiction to non-fiction, poetry to memoir, if you are a book-lover you most likely have a pile near your bedside waiting for your attention.

I recently pulled out of the bedside-shelf an old read, AZTEC by Gary Jennings.  I first read it when it was fairly new, again a decade later and maybe again.  It’s a long masterful work about life just before The Conquest of Mexico.  There are many other faves on my bookshelves.  As a writer, I appreciate the skill and passion the writers put into the works.  I appreciate the accomplishment to see a work through and have it published.  I appreciate what the books teach me and where they take me.

At this time I invite any of my own readers who feel anxiety about the times to turn to their book friends. Let us know here what books you have been enjoying lately.