Poems in Times of Rising Corporate Fascism


Regularly, I am asked to submit work to new projects.

Recently, after such a request I asked a journal editor to. give me a nudge.

It’s a Tenth anniversary edition of the journal, which I shall leave unnamed at this time.

I  got the nudge and am happy to look at the poems I put aside at the start of summer to choose the ones I’ll submit for consideration.  Knowing something about the project is critical because you don’t want to submit work that isn’t relevant and would most likely not be considered.

I’ve been on all sides of the modern publishing experience.  While practices seem to be changing quickly–with the expediency allowed by the Internet (versus snail mail) and the dropping of  protocols– I maintain that the process should be done with patience and courtesies all around.

I always appreciate being asked to contribute to a journal or anthology and expressed that.

If selected, I don’t insist  what material should be selected, bio info. or my placement in the project should be.

After submission I wait.  It’s decent if the editor gets back to you in a timely manner.  (You might ask for a timeline at the start.) These days, sometimes they don’t get back at all.  But whatever the time lapse or the answer, a simply “thank you,” in return should suffice.

Meanwhile, I have started a poem which will. go into the new collection I’m working on.