List #3. Depression in the Times of Colic Social Media Robbing Our Souls


Easy for me to say you may say reading books

versus binging on Netflix.

But if you are planning on chillin with Neftlix

#12 I do recommend “The Great Hack.”

If you “multi-task,” (i.e. surf on your device,

talk/text, listen to jams on your EarPods, yell at your

kids, snuggle with your pet, argue with your imaginary

frenemy, etc.) please listen to to that fifteen minutes.

That’s my first recommendation here for easing some of

the depression, anxiety, sense of helplessness or

hopelessness many of us are experiencing.

If you do like to read, if you like to write–from free form

verses to rap or sonnets take a look at your favorite poets in writing.  One thing is hearing rhymes or poems recited and another is looking at them on paper, even if the paper is your virtual screen.

#13 Anything by Pablo Neruda but this one worked for me.

It takes me a long time to put together a collection of poems.  Many don’t make my own cut before anyone else ever knows they existed.  But at last, I round the corner to considering a new collection is near ready.  I am thrilled that it is being considered for publication at this time.  MY BOOK OF THE DEAD may be my third collection of poems in print at this time. A few of the poems included have been published I a few journals and anthologies including the one below which I also co-edite.:  #14:

Mental stimulation is essential for fighting desperate feelings.

Less popular in this country is exerting oneself physically.  As I mentioned before you need not have a gym membership to incorporate exercise in your daily life. #15 We all hear about walking to work or on errands.  #16Taking the stairs instead of elevators. #17 Clean out a closet–it will not only get you out of your chair or bed, away from your devices, but stimulate your brain some and the byproduct is uncluttering a space.

I’d like to hear from anyone who actually takes my suggestion of cleaning out a closet.  After losing weight, I pulled out clothes I hadn’t worn in 20 years, got them cleaned up and voila!  New fancy wardrobe!

#18  Face the music in your own life. Make it a point to get something done that you have put off bc it is unpleasant.  It could be making a dentist appointment, getting a lawn mower fixed, balancing your checkbook, seeing someone you have to talk to about something important. Do it.  In my own life, I have a few of such things to get done this summer.  I take them on in terms of urgency.  You don’t have to do it all at once.  Just do it.

#19 If you use prescription drugs for pain or sleep.  It is time to re-evaluate. Wean. Look into alternatives.  Give yourself a deadline at to when you will change or alter this habit.  Don’t be a slave to pills.  Likewise, if you smoke weed for chronic pain or drink alcohol to numb mental anguish.  Easier said than done, you may say.  Anything I mention here comes from life experience.   If you like being high is one thing.  If you like to get control of your life is another.

#20  As you work on #19 rethink your spiritual philosophies, religious convictions, or another way of putting it–the meaning of life.  If you were to write your own epitaph today how would you sum up your life thus far?