La Tolteca 2.0


So pumped to kickstart La Tolteca 2.0 this weekend!

Check out La Tolteca (2010-2016)

Well, wha happen was…2016.  Then a mental dive about it in January 2017…but we see the light at the end of this purgatory, trial for humanity and we’re back!

You’ll be able to check us out here.  The blog will be La Tolteca 2.0 and virtual.  We’ll do what we did before–feature reviews, photography, interviews, essays, poetry and commentary as with La Tolteca.  I’ll be adding new features–the Group Book Read which starts this weekend and Box 4B (Beautiful, Brown Babe-Boomers) which is all about affirmation of what is beautiful in our lives in these times.  (Plse send your images to post: We can’t or shouldn’t travel now.  We can’t or shouldn’t get together now.  We can’t or shouldn’t be selfish, stupid, suicidal and do anything that risks our lives now.  But here you can’t show off.  Here you can send selfies.  Here you can show off your new shoes.  Here you can share about new beauty care, recipes, rescue pet, garden, romance!

This is La Tolteca 2.0, the Sixth Sun.