LA TOLTECA 2.0 Guidelines


LA TOLTECA 2.0 is making its return here at  It is a virtual zine with ongoing posts.

You may submit to

Youl’ll receive an automated response and nothing further.  (If you don’t receive the automated response alert me on FB messenger) For consideration to the following new features only unpublished, never posted on SM, original images and material.  If your work is selected it will be posted the following Friday.  If not, you won’t hear from us but you may try again with something new.

New Features


BOX  4B:  Brown & Beautiful Babe-Boomers


You don’t have to be brown or a Boomer and your submissions don’t have to be selfies but you’re welcome to submit.  Send us what gave you a smile, lifted your spirits, kept you going that past week.  Smart phone pics work, no  specific format necessary.  Do NOT send images previously posted on social media or elsewhere.  Your submission is consent for use at L/T 2.0.  Add a couple of lines with your name and about the pic or yourself to be included, if selected.  If any of your submission is selected it will be posted the following Friday.  If not, you won’t hear from us but you will be welcome to send something new for consideration again.


Yo ¡Presente!

No rants or editorials, please.  Only clean, proof-read submissions in a journalistic style will be read for consideration.  Double space, 12 point, Times Roman—750 words.  Your most recent activist concern.  Include your name and a line describing how you participate in social justice issues.  Checklist for your piece:  What, when, why  who and how.

Poetry and Flash Fiction

Original and unpublished work.  Spanish and English languages considered.

All submissions must have been proofread double-spaced, 12 point, paginated.  Fiction word count limit 2,500.  Your name and one line about yourself or your submission.  If selected, it will appear the following Friday on Tolteca 2.0, homepage.  No emails will be sent out.  If you don’t hear back it wasn’t selected.  You are welcome to send something else next time.

La Tolteca 2.0 is a blog.  We reserve all rights to post as and what we choose from submissions.  Images may be submitted in any format.  (If adjustment is needed, we’ll reply.)If your original works appear here you may use again elsewhere with credit to first appearing at La Tolteca 2.0 (and date.)

Lastly, La Tolteca 2.0, much like the original La Tolteca ‘Zine ( seeks to affirm through artistic, cultural and activist resistance to the growing fascist, White supremacy, corporate greed that governs much of the world.  During Times of Covid-19 Pandemic with countless individuals suffering from isolation, depression, economic hardship, loss of loved ones, no health insurance and no access to quality medical care, ill, and a sense of desperation about what lies ahead we hope La Tolteca 2.0 blog helps serve as a community.  If you have tips that may be helpful to people in your area–volunteers who make deliveries,  food bank locations, teacher/tutors who may help with at-home schooling,  where to get tested, phone numbers and emails to send letters to your local officials–in other words, walk your talk when you’re not on social media reposting memes and critiquing others who have had the courage to make social change.  It’s what put the active in activist.  Post your helpful, positive comments and recommendation as a Comment.