La Comunidad: my blog


Now that we’ve established how I really feel, welcome to my new La Comunidad blog.  As a writer, creative, poet and long-time cabrona con corazón, if you’re not familiar with my books and writings please do check them out.  They’re on my website and anywhere you get books and your information.

You may comment whatever you wish here but only good-vibes.

We are in the midst of world-spreading pandemic and I am in the U.S. of America or occupied native lands–however you prefer to see it,  in the desert just at the border near Mexico. I offer this personal info bc the well being of the planet is mportant to me and since I reference often a reader here will know what I am working with.

Many populations are being made or encouraged to hunker down to prevent further contagion.  As if life on the day-to-day ain’t stressful enough now we have to adapt to surviving and thriving camping out at home. If you have a positive note about how you’re coping please leave it.

As a long-time book-lover I’ve been disciplining myself to pull away from blow by blow reports on the oncoming train wreck of the last few years to books I’ve enjoyed.  I started by returning to an old fave in my personal library, The Aztec by Gary Jennings.  It’s a big book, so 20 pp a day is taking a while. I invite other readers to a 20 pp a day reading challenge.   If you’d like to recommend something that has inspired you and might inspire people who read my books (as a point of reference as to what people who read this blog might enjoy) please share.  You are welcome to read what I’m reading but it’s not a book club–but a Freeing the Imagination activity.

You have to earn a living and if you’ve lost your job recently, are underemployed, struggling to make ends meet, juggling personal responsibilities with income and would like to share some of this in comments, you are welcome to build La Comunidad.  I know social media  invites all kinds of opinions and everyone has one but please no opinions that won’t be helpful to others or meant to be rude, unkind and generally unhelpful.

If you need food, shelter, emergency medical, I am not sure this is the resource but if you post it perhaps someone near you or who has useful information will reply.


I wish you all and all living things on this planet every good vibe to survive and thrive.