La Comunidad–To limpia or not to limpia?

We are entering Spring Equinox.  The world is on alert and populations are challenged as never before. As a Chicana/mexicana-indigena I grew up and have always had limpias as part of our lives.  We do all kinds of limpias–sweeping with a huevo, usamos hierbas y aquas preparadas, baños.

Friday is a good day for a limpia. You don’t have to find a curandera, santera, or modern bruxa/os.  If you’d like a recommendation on how to give yourself a limpia–email me.

If you don’t want to do something like that but want to figure out how to stay calm while hunkering down at home, you may want to go back or try new practices.  We may light incense.  We may sit calmly for 10-15 or meditate if it’s your practice.  Cook (versus snacking all day) You may take a long bath.  Teas and just water (with lemon/limón) versus alcohol and stimulants.  Above all–as a writer and book lover–pull out a book.


Draw or paint, practice an instrument or listen to your favorite music.  Dance. Stitch or sew. Clean.  Watch a favorite funny movie or show (not necessarily binge-watch.) Exercise.  TRY to grab some sunlight.  Take deep breaths.  Don’t argue with the people you love.  Don’t fight with yourself.