FREE virtual writing workshop here today

WHAT, WHO, & WHEN, HOW & WHY:  Free writing workshop with me as facilitator & blogger here.  “Face Your Fears” is the theme.  I’ll be online between 3-5 p.m., responding to questions in comments section.  You don’t have to sign up.  You don’t have to make a comment.  You don’t have to submit any writing.  But you are welcome to observe, participate and give feedback.

If you’d like to submit the writing you did out of the prompts & exercises I’ll post here please send to me at anacastilloworkshops@gmail by Wed., April 1st noon CST.  I’ll be available to give you my quick comments.  If you don’t want to submit anything but would like to participate further please make comments here by 3 p.m. Wed., April 1st.   It goes without saying only good vibes are welcome.  Any negative comments will be deleted.  This is a service I am offering la comunidad de gente who are struggling with these times and would also like to have some support to jumpstart their writing.

The workshop is based on a workshop I’ve given called Face Your Fears.  We’ll base our prompts and exercises to explore those emotions and ideas.  The aim is to shape them into words for our writing.  You may work in the genre of your choice.

On Wed.,, depending on its gone, I may wrap up the workshop with answering your writing-related questions here and/or offering more jumpstart ideas.