Depresión no es solo el territorio del poeta

Two Men and Me is a poem that appears in this journal and was nominated for a Pushcart.  As a multi-genre writer, in terms of poetry is comes slowly.  However, I am thrilled that I have finally gotten what may be a new collection together.


#21 Insomnia doesn’t have to be unproductive time.

#22. Start a list of 100 Blessings.

This list may at first be about all the obvious.  Your health, your loves ones health and safety, love in your life, and economic assurances, and whatever good news you’ve recently had.

I find that if we make an effort to ‘shift perspective’ to find the golden nugget in a situation we may find the proverbial ‘answer from the universe,’ that we asked.  We use expressions like the silver lining behind every cloud or the glass being half full or making lemonade out of lemons but it is not just having a better attitude but a shift of attitude that helps us through disappointments.

 (Tenth Anniversary ed., Northwestern University)

In that shift you discover a treasure of blessings.  If all things are connected, one blessing may not be one but actually many or it may be related to or caused a domino effect for others.

After more than half a century on this planet, it seems that we wish or pray for things, circumstances, and so on and if they (finally) come to pass (not without effort) we look at them with critical eyes.  It’s not exactly how we wished (as if making a McDonald’s order) and therefore we’re not satisfied.  Or it came after other situations altered our needs.  Somehow, it’s not satisfying or just okay.  We get something, we want better or more.

I like the list of 100 blessings. Most people have a hard time getting past thirty or so.  But if you are fair with the universe, our universe among the countless, or fair with your god or spiritual philosophy you will surprise yourself with what can go on the list.  If this is the case, I’d like to hear from you here.