Easy these days to dismiss your elders.  “Leave home while you still. know everything,” is the adage to know it alls.

Here’s a topic that has been about forever, bisexuality.

What we may understand about those who identify as bixexuals is that under that label there is a myriad of differences.

Speaking for myself, as all anyone may do, it does not mean I am Hakate, a two head female monster with constant voracious desires to for the two genders/sexes we–in my generation grew up with.

To ME, and only me as I define this today it means that I have been open to having an emotional, romantic, and sexual relationship to the traditional two genders.  It does NOT mean that I have a need to be with two people, each representing one of these genders, at the same time.

People and their sexual, emotional, economic, and romantic needs and desires vary as to the shapes of their noses.  Ask your potential partner about the details.  Trust.  If not, move on.  Whatever you do, if you don’t trust your bisexual identified partner and it’s your desire to have a monogamous relationship, move on. Better luck with the next person you choose to be with.  BTW,  “Straight” people have been known to be cheaters. Being bisexual does not mean you are not  a person capable of being loyal in a monogamous relationship.