When Poetry Rises like a Lotus in These ‘Nasty’ Days


Living in times I thought I would have only read in dystopic novels, times I saw coming and perhaps, like others, rubbed my eyes and convinced myself it was a dark hallucination–

Instead of starting the new book about writing I planned  in the fall of 2016, I went silent.  Or near-silent.  There were thought-out rants and even videos posted on FB, that were quickly published elsewhere.  I started stories.  I kept up with my journal of nearly half century.  After the Black Dove 

book tour, I continued to promote it in this country and elsewhere as invites came in or was honored with a few awards for my efforts in the book.  But I had no new book planned anymore.  What would be the point in a world where corporate fascism was clearly on the rise? These were my thoughts.


Sometimes, I worked on poems.  A few have been published.  Today it is a nearly finished collection of more than forty, mostly unpublished works.  There is news tk.  Meanwhile, you may find a few in issues of FWJ and elsewhere.  


The poet, alive and well, and currently residing in NYC.

Columbus Circle, NYC
June 9, 2019