100 Blessings

A year comes to a close.  We may want to take assessment. One of my favorite writing prompts is making a list of 100 blessings.

in 2019, it’s easy to have a grim viewpoint.  While we each figure out for ourselves what is within our hands and our will to work for change let’s start this week with remembering what we each has that gives us strength and enables us to move toward those goals.

Remember, you are the only judge of what you consider a blessing in your life.  None is too small or too big to note.  No blessing is trivial or need be viewed as superficial.  Blessings may be accomplished goals. We grow with each goal we’ve reached.  At different stages in our lives, our goals change.  Different lives have different goals.  Don’t dismiss or apologize for what you considered a blessing this year.

My own list always begins with health–good physical and mental health (or improved or better, etc.) 1.  Excellent physical health. 2.  Peace in heart and mind

Start with ten.  They’ll come easy (hopefully.). Take a break and add more.






I hesitate to publicize my blessings as someone reading this may also hesitate sharing their list with others–among whom there might be “haters,” even among those we think should/might be happy for our joys and accomplishments.  Don’t let these thoughts stop you from noting your blessings on your list.  Remember, it’s your list.


My lists always include my work as a writer and poet, related travels, people I’ve reached and those who’ve reached me.  No reading, day’s writing or moment as a poet is insignificant.  It has been a blessing to live my life as a poet.