Watercolor Women, Opaque Men (novel in verse, Northwestern University Press, 2nd edition, 2015)

2006 Independent Publisher Book Award for Story Teller of the Year

Reminiscent of the picaresque novel, Watercolor Women / Opaque Men contains episodes that range from the Mexican Revolution to modern-day Chicago and reflects a deep pride in Chicano culture and the hardships immigrants had to endure.

“A shape shifting voice and earth shaking figures of her story: …the poetic structure of Castillo’s novel glides smoothly and compellingly in tercets…like some unstoppable force…”  —


“…Ana Castillo has created a masterpiece of Latina identity and self-empowerment and has  given expression to mythic images of colossal strength…”  –Carmen Tafolla

“Ana Castillo has done it again–contributed an edgy, unique, and singularly vital book to the world of Chicano letters and be beyond…”  –Luis Rodríguez