Welcome/Bien Venido/as/x to the free writing workshop

You’ve come to the right place.

I’ll be checking in from 3-5 p.m. CST for comments and checking my email:  anacastilloworkshops@gmail.com. It is the email where you may send any writing that comes from these exercises and prompts or related but private questions.  Otherwise, you may also post in the comments sections here.

Because these are virtually virtual times I’m offering a community of writers and would-be writers to follow along here on line.  No cost, no obligations, no previous experience necessary.

This writing workshop is called FACE YOUR FEARS.  Check previous posts to prep.

In order to face them name your fear.  In the case of this workshop we need not share them with anyone.  You are working with me and with a disembodied group but mostly, you’ll work here on your own.

Take a minute to think about the fear.  How long has it been with you?  Can you pinpoint when it came into your life?

Looking at the #1 fear, make notes of the following.  Free write 10 minutes in answering each other following:

  1.  In what ways–negative but also positive–has this fear been there?
  2. If I were to conquer this fear in what ways would may life change? How might I go about doing it?

Take that fear for the time being and place it on the side.  It’s outside of you right now.  Sit it on a chair.  Tell it to shut up.  You have work to do.

(When you’re done go to the my next post.)