To Write, Read…A Lot

Besides re-reading Naula O’Fallain’s two memoirs, I delved into other books. One was by my bedside for a while:

And, I did a review of two books for the Women’s Review of Books by an Argentine writer, Silvina Ocampo.

I have another book at the ready, which I read, re-read, at my bedside to read again and recommend.

Djuna Barnes’ Nighwood is a classic and like Ocampo’s slender books, proves more is not necessarily better.

Sometimes new writers think they are being transgressive and breaking new ground on the subject of gender, women, sexuality, race, human rights–until they discover the courage, brilliance and enthusiasm of lives fully lived long ago–not to mention, with panache.

New generations may not know that there is nothing new to invent or reveal to the previous generation. Patriarchy, racism and $$$ power are alive and doing well and continue to suppress, oppressive and repress the human spirit. Building on work that came before us is the foundation of what a new generation has to offer. To dismiss previous endeavors or to put our energies into solely criticizing them on the basis of what we know today is self-indulgent. The wheel doesn’t need inventing nor does the tortilla. Neither needs much byway of improvement. The reason we use them still is because they have worked to sustain our survival and thriving for eons. Finding news ways to use invaluable contributions is the key.

The poet at home NYE 2018-19
(Chiffon blouse w/ mother of pearl buttons from the vintage collection closet, c. 1919.)