At the end of one of the grimmest years in modern history we, who’ve survived face 2021 with hope.  Understandably, production was put on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic on the international production based on my novel, SO FAR FROM GOD.

Ana Castillo riding at home

The production, including scriptwriters, costume, actors is mostly Native American, feminist and women.  It is a Canadian-Mexico production and includes staff from New Mexico and will be shot in New Mexico.

We are thrilled here at La Doña Ana Headquarters aka Santuario en Nuevo México aka Quarantine-Survive to welcome Culture Storm Productions to NM in 2021.  ¡Qué viva Tan lejos de Dios, novela por Ana Castillo! Adelante So Far From God:  The Movie. Some teasers here regarding the treatment: