Sí, pendeja. We do care.


Einstein Visa Awardee Melania Trump (who worked illegally in this country and after her powerful husband arranged a visa which thereby deprived a truly brilliant person of a visa, and immediately after, she brought over her parents, who

last night said she came here, studied and worked hard to get her citizenship) and who mainly regards each official business appearance as a fashion photo shoot may have been going for the Elizabeth II WWII, queen-in-service-of-her-country look. Instead, it came off as Women Auxiliary Nazis.

Queen Elizabeth II WWII

She’s been given credit for ‘writing her own speech,’ for departing from her husband’s and other RNC speakers neglect to mention the gravity of COVID-19 and overall, ‘doing a good job.’ In my opinion, she gaslighted throughout her speech. She spoke of her husband as ‘honest,’ and working tirelessly for all of the American people, her compassion for the vulnerable, especially children–in other countries or those here being bullied on social media. Let’s not forget, she supported her husband’s ‘birther movement,’ that claimed President Obama was born in Africa. Notably, First Trumpette never mentioned the children her husband has had caged at the U.S./Mexican border and kidnapped from their families. Brown children have died on her husband’s watch, they all have suffered trauma, neglect and abuse. Some are being stolen by DeVos for adoption into White Evangelical families.

The cheap khaki jacket (again, dressed for the occasion) she wore to Tornillo, Texas two years ago read: I really don’t care, do you?
Yes, pendeja, we do care.