Short stories to come next

Recent requests from editors to submit prose eventually made me go back to working on shorter pieces.  From developing a poem, where I will find a sense of completion to now 20 pp short stories–I quietly endeavor putting together a collection of new stories.  (I’m currently using the working title, FALLEN STARS.)

I’m blessed to still be safe, with a roof over my head and food to eat but as a poet and writer, communicator, speaker, political commentator and independent thinker–it was critical to find my way out of that dark place of a world pandemic and in the U.S., an aspiring dictator in office.  If you’ve felt this way, please feel free to comment here on how you managed to cope.  If you are now working on something –a show, book tour, let us know here.  Meanwhile, while it’s very difficult to stay in seclusion and patience is still required, keep in mind that fear of contraction is wholesome, staying at home and not socializing with others outside of your home just makes common sense.  4k dying daily in the U.S. should serve as cautionary evidence of that.  Most of us don’t get the magic remedies of high ranking politicians and their circles.  Some of us don’t even get a hospital bed if sick.  Please stay safe.  Keep writing, painting, ZOOMING and exercising.  Take you Vitamin D and do all else to stay well.