Poet in NY w/ rebozos y chales 2017-2020

Botanical Gardens–what’s in the bag? The chal–a gift I’m wearing at the Modern Art Museum with blue pants.

           Remembering my days in NYC 2017-20 through the rebozos 

y chales…






AuthorsforApparel on Instagram feature. Photo credit: Claudia Hernandez

The traditional rebozo has been used by Mexican indigenous and mestizas for centuries.  It is utilitarian, symbolic of tribal. and regional affiliations, represents our femininity, humbleness and our pride.

Yes, I was writing poems.  The collection is called:  My Book of the Dead.




Wearing yet another rebozo gift–on a boat ride on the Hudson. It was my 60-something birthday.

City Island, The Bronx. (dark green straw at courtesy of the Incas, Ecuador hand made.)

At the Met Opera

Wearing a very small scarf-like reobozo, traditionally used as a bow tie or sash, all in homage to La Friday at this wonderful show that toured through Brooklyn museum displaying the artist’s personal wear.

A brisk autumn day on the rooftop of the Met Museum, wearing botanical gardens chal again with a vintage mouton wait coat–mint condition find…not in NY but at a segunda in El Paso, Texas. (A wonderful Chicana owned shop that unfortunately didn’t survive.) I got to wear my faux aligator knee high boots I picked up in Oak Park, IL woman owned shoe shop that I believe may have fallen victim to COVID crisis since.  The sunglasses are also vintage, purchased in the West Village.