How did the interview with Fear #2 go?

Did they want to be interviewed?  If not, why dod you think not?

More questions for you to consider.  Remember you may do this with any of the fears on your list.  Pick #1 or #2 and ask yourself the following (make notes):

  1.  How you now feel about that fear?
  2. Have your feeling shifted at all?  Don’t be afraid–look over at those two, Fear #1 and Fear #2 sulking or scowling at you in their seats.  Do you have something you want to say to either now?

In the Story of You and your fears, is there a moment in your life if your most dreaded fear were not around your life would have taken a different turn?  Who would you be now if that fear hadn’t been around?

Take your time writing out these thoughts.  Your writing is for you.  You don’t have to comment about them or share them so feel free to be brutally honest with yourself.