New collection in the works.

In case you want to get a preview here are poems from the collection being published independently.

Summer in the Chihuahuan desert, photo credit: the poet

When Snow Turns to Rain and It Is Still Winter(Resisting Arrest (anthology, ed. by Tony Medina, Jacar Press; North Carolina, 2016); Algo de ti.(Weber:  The Contemporary West, Spring/Summer 2016| Vol. 32 Num. 2); Two Men and Me (Fifth Wednesday Journal, ed. Vern Miller; Fall, 2017Lisle, IL) A Storm Upon Us, These Times, Mierda( Fifth Wednesday Journal, ed. Vern Miller and Ana Castillo, Fall, 2018) ; [Xicanisma Prophesies Post 2012]        Putin’s Puppet (Chiricu Journal: Latina/o Literatures, Arts, and CulturesVol. 3, Number 2, Fall, 2019;Whitman,  Homage to Akilah, My First Cancer Poem, Click [Simple Present](Hypertext Review,10th Anniversary print issue: Chicago, Sept., 2019)

The poet @ The Met, NYC, 2019