Massacre of the Dreamers 20th anniversary edition

Includes new introduction by Clarissa Pinkola-Estes and an Addendum essay by Ana Castillo, “The Real and True Meaning of the Virgin of Guadalupe,” recipient of the ASA’s Gloria Anzaldúa Award for independent scholarship.

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Castillo revisits her reflections on Chicana activism, spiritual practices, sexual attitudes, artistic ideology, labor struggles, and education-related battles. Her book remains a compelling document, enhanced here with a new afterword that reexamines the significance of Our Lady of Guadalupe.”  BUY NOW

“Castillo says, ‘A crucial distinction between labels we have been given by officials of the state and our own self-naming process is that only doing the latter serves us.  The very act of self-definition is a rejection of colonization.’”

Ana Castillo 2020



Recipient of the Gustav Myers Book Award for Human Rights