La Tolteca 2.0 New Administration

Congratulations to the Biden administration.  We take the bust of César Chávez in the Oval Office on Day 1 as a signal for the intent to correct, un-do, review and look into the human rights violations against brown people and especially, children who reached our border legally seeking asylum.

We’ve hardly had time to celebrate the removal of a stain on the world with a morphing virus and vaccination program disaster.  But do take a minute to do so.  Healing starts with recognition of the the abuse, consequent trauma and gas lighting done on people of good will.







I continue to ready the new poetry collection, MY BOOK OF THE DEAD. The in-house editor requested to include drawings I’ve been doing as a meditation for sanity over the last years.










We will resume La Tolteca 2.0–featuring long time and emerging warriors of the pen and social justice & multi-media artists who dedicate themselves to human rights.  For the moment, we move through a winter ridden with climate change, global warming and disruption to all eco-systems with the steadiness and faith the Dalai Lama calls upon–or at least close to it.  Stay safe, be well,  be patient, choose kindness over hatefulness, choose wisdom over being an idiot.  In the end, your choices are your legacy.

                                                                                                               –Ana Castillo