Indigenous Fashion Week–dress up at home.

This week was Indigenous Fashion Week in Toronto, Canada.  (No, I did not attend.)

I accessorized this native woman’s dress design with a native modern Conche belt and earrings although they aren’t clearly visible in this pic.  What was not native but noteworthy I think, are the shoes I chose.

They’re not Gucci, Versace or Prada.  The dress itself may have not been costly, either but the designer posed on her website with it and accessorized with a rather large Louie Vuitton bag.  (To each their own.)

The days have grown shorter in New Mexico.  The pandemic rages, taking more lives than ever–this long weekend, it’s approximately a life a minute.  To stay safe you must stay home and not allow visitors.

As for my reading this weekend, I received this at my gate:


I accepted to review a memoir which will be out by Random House in January.  It’s by a Diné (Navajo) woman.  I so look forward to reading and thinking about it.

The Diné have been hit especially hard by the pandemic.  African American and Latino/a communities, the disenfranchised and without insurance–have been disproportionately suffering this pandemic.

If you follow this blog and can take one thing away from this post–is not just taking care of yourself during this pandemic, with grooming and prissing up, it’s not just reading and writing, it’s staying safe and keeping others safe.  We are all perhaps 6 months to a year away from ‘safe’ moving around.  Don’t risk your life but also–consider others.