GIVE IT TO ME: A summer read

Best Bi-Fiction Recipient



American Library Association selection as a summer read.

It’s a little odd to consider that I wrote GIVE IT TO ME a decade ago.  We were in the throes of the Recession.  I was updating the 20th anniversary edition of my collection of essays, MASSACRE OF THE DREAMERS.  Give It To Me served my mind with a bit of levity.

Not everything that is funny is actually funny.  Sometimes it’s ha-ha funny and other times it’s “how odd,” funny.  And sometimes funny is all you can do with life material that otherwise might be thought of as tragic.  Funny always pushed me along.

A lot isn’t funny in these times, no matter how you want to view it.  But reading, picking up something from the stack at your bedside or ordering on line from a Wish List or borrowing from a friend may push your mind along, just enough to get by the day or night.  If you are among those who dream of making writing your career or have had the perseverance to make it happen but are finding it difficult to push through these days–pick up your favorite reads.  Remember who inspired you.