Fear #3

Let’s put this one under speculative fiction.  As those of you who write fiction know, some of fiction is based on non-fiction (people, places and actual experiences we’ve had.)  We’ll take 15-20 minutes to sketch out this next exercise using Fear #3.

You’re walking down the street one day and you catch a reflection in a window.  At first it startles you.  You stop to take a closer look.  You realize that person is you but ten years older.  It’s the future you.  (How will you look?) Your future you has come to help you with fear #3 to avoid a calamity–maybe one you’ve already undergone or may go through if you don’t deal with this fear.  What does your future self help you with?  Are the two of you successful at getting passed the hindering fear?

You may continue to write if you need to.  Remember you can always go back to this website and pick up on the rest at your own pace.