Contact Info for new book! New Book Sept. 1.

After an era like the world has just gone through, politically and pandemic-wise, I can only look at the positive, even if it means keeping on my shades.FB:  Official.AnaCastillo

Instagram:  the_official_ana_castillo

Twitter:  @AnaCastillopoet

Books won’t be for direct purchase on this website but you may order from the publisher UNMP and just about anywhere in the world where they sell books.

Later in year, I may make autographed copies available for sale here so pls check back or message me.


I can’t say how excited I am to be able to share new poems with the public.  The few in the collection that have been published in journals have also been shared here.  I’ll re-post again ahead.






Writing has been my great pleasure all my life, along with reading.  But my first love was drawing.  I am pleased to have a few of my recent drawings in the new work.

If you’re interested in inviting me to speak at your institution or organization please contact Lyceum Agency.

No student academic interviews. Interviews about the new book for your publication or if you have a book promo appearance/ZOOM query please contact my publicist,  DeeDee Debartlo, email:

Release Sept 1, 2021