#7 MY BOOK OF THE DEAD features

Ana Castillo, México, 2021

The Season of Los Dias de los Muertos has begun.

After a brief respite away for fresh sea air, I’m back to my desk.

Below  are a few recent media promos for my recent

poetry collection. If you haven’t heard of it yet, would like to order a hard copy, you may do so directly with the press or anywhere books are sold.  If you wish to have an autograph pls contact me with an adddress & I’ll be delighted to mail a book plate for your book. Gracias for checking in.  I’m also on FB, IG & Twitter.

Release Sept 1, 2021








Poets & Writers

When the writing comes to a halt, my story:

Read it:  https://www.pw.org/writers_recommend/ana_castillo












Radio interviews:



https://kjzz.org/content/1723700/word-s6e3-wanderlust-our-theme    :

“We take a deep dive with the original Xicanista and her poetry in her latest work, “My Book of the Dead” which is timely both in the age of COVID-19 and during the Halloween season.

It’s a tough time as the pandemic continues…”

Virtual Reading!

October 2021 was National Latina Equal Pay Day.  Latina workers in the U.S. make .57 cents to a (white) man’s dollar for the same work.  Let’s aim for equal pay.